About the Author

Once upon a time I had a six year old boy. He is long past six years old but these stories helped him during those magical childhood years.

Like many parents, I would read to my child at bedtime. I always seemed to gravitate to books with morals and childhood lessons. After awhile, I began to make up stories at bedtime. They were usually pretty simple; a beginning, middle, and end. I would describe the hero, somewhat, but not name who it might be. It was always fun watching my child’s eyes as he would picture himself in the center of the story.

One night, I started reading Aesop Fables at bedtime. After a few night of this he said, “Why don’t you tell me one of your stories? They are better than this book.” Obviously my stories are not better than the classic Aesop Fables, but I began to wonder why he thought me stories were better. The stories I created had the format of a life lesson but set in today’s world of a child. Settings like Grandma’s attic, school recess, bicycles, school buses, and busy neighborhood streets were familiar and assisted with the visualization of a young imagination.

So, one day I wrote a story an read it to him that night. He loved it. I wrote several more. I also shared them with my friends and their young children. These stories became their favorites and were requested time and time again.

May you enjoy readying to, and with your children. More importantly, I hope your children enjoy these stories and they become bedtime favorites.

In the spirit of imagination and inspiration,

– Barry Gearin