Crossing the Street

Crossing the Street

So there they were like they were the day before. A father teaching his son to cross the street all by himself. “Geeze, dad, this is easy. Why do we have to go over the same stuff we did yesterday?”

“Because I want to make sure you do it right. Check one way, then the other. Then do it again… check one way and then the other, then hurry across the street.”

“Two times. Geeze dad, come on I get it,” said Tommy.

One never knows what might happen when you don’t look both ways before crossing the street. The story continues with Tommy and his friends learning a valuable lesson. But not the hard way like his father did when he was six years old.

The Stranger

The Stranger

It was a sunny afternoon. School was already out for the day. And a little girl named Sarah was out playing in her front yard. Sarah was a very happy and friendly little girl. Her hair was filled with big red curls. And she always seemed to be smiling.

At about this time a very big man came walking down the sidewalk. He noticed a little girl doing cartwheels on the grass. He bent down on one knee and waved for her to come on over.

He seemed nice so Sarah ran over to him. He told her she might win a gold medal in the Olympics one day. “Those cartwheels are just about perfect,” he said.

Just then, Sarah’s mom appeared in the doorway. She had a look of terror upon her face. She was afraid Sarah was about to be taken away by the stranger. Sarah’s mom thought she recognized him but was not sure. She waited a moment as the stranger began to speak.

As it turn out, he is a neighbor and a very nice man. He gives Sarah an easy 1-2-3 test so she will always know who is a real stranger and who is note.

The Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest

Once upon a time in a neighborhood not too far away from here lived three little boys. Actually, they weren’t so little. They were growing bigger and stronger everyday. Then one day a new boy moved into the neighborhood. The three good friends wondered if the new boy would become their new friend.

His name was Andy and he just moved into the very old house at the end of the street. After his family got all settled, they ventured to the far to the far corner of his new big backyard. The other three boys were peering in quietly to look through the backyard gate.

Andy could not believe his eyes. For under the branches and brambles and fallen leaves, there sat a real life treasure chest. At first he thought it was some kind of toy chest, but it was heavy and it looked so real. On the top of the chest it read, “Only open if you can live by the Code of Loyalty.”

Four neighborhood boys dream big dreams and play hard. A few hard lessons come their way and in the end they come to realize the importance of friendship, honesty, and loyalty.

Angel in the Attic

Angel in the Attic

She had beautiful wings. Really big wings. And she had a shiny gold belt and a long white fluffy gown. Oh, and her face was so beautiful. This is how Rebecca was describing what she had just seen to her little brother, Todd.

Her little brother could not believe this crazy story. “Listen Rebecca, you’ve got to be fooling with me, playing a joke on me,” said Todd.

“No, no,” said Rebecca. “It was real. I think she’s an angel. And she kept pointing to that old dusty phone up in the attic. But I got scared and that’s when I ran down here to you.”

Todd and Rebecca did pick up that old phone. The phone was ringing even though the cord was cut. Trembling, they finally answered the phone and heard a voice that they would never ever forget. And with an amazing secret they would carry with them all their life.

The Bus Trip

The Bus Trip

His long hard journey was done. He stepped off the bus and into the rushing arms of his son. “Father, father, you made it back in time for my birthday!” said Randy very excitedly.

“Of course, I would never miss my big boy’s birthday party.”

“Father, father, can I got on your next bus trip? Can I, can I go?

As the story continues, Randy’s father lets him go on the next bus trip. He never knew where his father went on these trips or what they were about. He learns soon enough. And learns there are other children’s lives that are totally different from his wonderful life.

Boo Bear

Boo Bear

“It’s time for bed sweetheart.”

“OK, mommy, but could you leave the light on?” asked Kara. “And could you leave the door open? Wide open!”

“Yes, of course, my little sweetie,” said Kara’s mom. “And don’t forget to say your prayers.”

Kara’s dad stood in the doorway smiling at his little girl. “You know sweetheart, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

After they said goodnight and walked down the long hallway, Kara wondered if she would always be afraid of the dark. She became sleepy, but heard something moving around. It was under her bed. No wait. It was in her closet. She began to tremble with fear. Oh, no, there was a monster right in her bedroom.

The monster was not a monster but a childhood friend that came to life just in time to assist Kara and her nighttime fears. Read how Kara resolves her fears and grows in confidence until one day she is able to help her little cousin with similar fears.

The Starfish

The Starfish

Once upon a time, a father and son were walking along a beautiful beach. As the day was ending and the sun drifted down toward the ocean, a very smart little boy taught his dad a valuable lesson.

He taught his dad something so special that both of them would never forget this lesson.

This story teaches a parent and child two very valuable lessons. One, that you are never too old to learn something new, even from your child. And two, it is better to help one that you can than none at all.

Ten Colors

Ton Colors

The rain was coming down harder now. Deshawn was watching the big round raindrops slide down the window pane. It sure looked like there would be no outside recess today.

The teacher gave some fun assignments and some work assignments. But as the day wore on, she noticed the class becoming more and more restless. Little quarrels and fights were beginning to break out.

The story continues with even more fights. With all the rain and no recess to relieve the tension, the teacher comes ip with an amazing idea. A creative coloring contest that will forever change the way they will look at the world around them.